I think I've found the perfect hobby for me: Building garage kits ^_^ This is a small gallery of all the kits I've completed so far.

Bunny Plenair

Onegai Teacher
1/7 Kazami Spacesuit

1/3 Factory Manager Bust

Rozen Maiden
1/6 Suigintou

Yet another Rozen Maiden kit... but I love Suigintou's design and have wanted to do a kit of her since I first started.

Rozen Maiden
SD Hina Ichigo

I would not have done another Hina Ichigo, but I had a coworker purchase this kit and ask me to paint it for her

Ah! My Goddess
1/6 Urd Swimsuit

Misc SD Pinky

Rozen Maiden
Hina Ichigo

Digi Charat

Rozen Maiden
1/5 Barasuishou

1/6 Plenair W/Shark Buoy

Rozen Maiden
SD Version Shinku

He Is My Master
1/6 Izumi Sawatari

Jungle wa Itsumo Hale Nochi Guu

1/6 Freya

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